… is a Vienna based practice, founded by Sophie Panzer and Christina Simmel.
Our interests are widespread and diverse – so are our projects!


With a background in architecture and urban design our activities range from architectural planning and projects in the field of graphic design, exhibition curating and arts in collaboration with different offices and institutions to creating radio features and freelance editorial work.

In our research we focus on the relationship between social processes and spatial form. We are interested in the transformation of the built environment triggered by changing needs and desires of its users. The transformation of the post-Soviet city is a recurrent theme in our work as well as the alteration of suburban and rural structures.

Sophie Panzer

Born 1980 in Hamburg, Germany
Studied Architecture at the Delft University of Technology and
East European Studies at the Free University of Berlin

Christina Simmel

Born 1980 in Schattendorf, Austria
Studied architecture at the Vienna University of Technology